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We believe that telemedicine represents the future of medical care and we are excited to contribute to this change. We are committed to providing a safe, reliable, and high-quality service in order to improve people’s lives and make medical care more accessible to everyone.

Our applications

A telemedicine start-up with a social purpose.

MedChange develops innovative, simple, versatile, and customizable applications to help healthcare professionals stay connected to their patients, who can enjoy a continuum of care without facing the costs and inconveniences of travel and long waits in medical clinics and offices.

Our Applications

Innovative solutions that make medical care more accessible, convenient, and affordable for everyone.

Capitan Smile

Capitan Smile is the app dedicated to dentistry, but easily adaptable to other specializations such as dermatology and otorhinolaryngology. The app, simple and intuitive, allows patients to connect to their reference medical practice, send reports accompanied by photos, describe their problem, and request a consultation with their reference specialist.


Docaway is thea app that allows doctors and patients to connect directly through online consultations. The operation is easy, and the app is intuitive: the patient chooses the specialization and the doctor they want to consult and books an online consultation during the hours made available by the doctor. 

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