Capitan Smile is the app dedicated to dentistry, but easily adaptable to other specializations such as dermatology and otorhinolaryngology.

The app, simple and intuitive, allows patients to connect to their reference medical practice, send reports accompanied by photos, describe their problem, and request a consultation with their reference specialist. The doctor will receive the report on the dashboard and will be able to evaluate the urgency of the consultation immediately and, if necessary, organize a specialist visit. But that’s not all. The Capitan Smile app allows the patient to upload their own private health records and data and for the reference doctor to access it for increasingly accurate diagnoses.

Why Choose Capitan Smile

Innovative Communication with Patients

Thanks to the Capitan Smile app, patients can request information about ongoing treatments or ask questions about their dental health, send photos, and report emergencies, all through a simple and intuitive app. With just a few taps, the patient can contact the doctor, who can respond quickly, view the images sent, and proactively establish how to intervene.

Information Always With You

Thanks to the Capitan Smile app, both the patient and the doctor can upload documents related to the patient’s dental health to the “clinical folder.” The information is always at hand, so the doctor can always have the patient’s clinical history in mind.

Dental Clinic Management and Appointment Optimization

Managing operations is easier with the “Capitan Smile” app. Thanks to the direct communication system with the patient, the doctor can proactively visualize and understand the problem, and assign the right timing. In this way, dead times and delays that overload the studio are eliminated, making management smoother.

Increased Loyalty

Direct communication with the patient creates greater loyalty, as the patient becomes an active actor in the process of caring for and preventing their dental health.

for Your Dental Office

With the Capitan Smile app, your dental office will have an additional ally that will help you in every aspect of patient management.

Digital Communication

Information is exchanged through the app, without the need for in-person appointments.

Remote Consultation

The doctor can provide online consultation and possibly invite the patient to make an appointment in the office.


The Capitan Smile application guarantees the exchange of sensitive data and images in compliance with the GDPR privacy regulations.

Centralized Data

Patient data is all at hand, and it is possible to send prescriptions and upload documents, creating a clinical folder always available.

Greater Personalization

The client is more active in the processes that involve their own health and can enjoy increasingly personalized care.

Direct Link to Informational Content

With a simple tap, it is possible to connect to the studio’s social channels to share information and news.


Capitan Smile has several useful features for managing your patients and your studio.


Through the “reports” function, the patient sends a direct message to the doctor, who views it within a dashboard directly from a mobile or PC. The patient establishes the urgency and can attach images or documents. The doctor views the message and responds by asking for further information, then closes the report with a diagnosis. If the need for a visit to the office is detected, the patient can be invited to make an appointment.

Surveys and Statistics

It is always possible to keep statistics of reports under control through an interactive dashboard by selecting data over the period of interest and the type of report. Additionally, it is possible to send surveys to patients to monitor service satisfaction.

Clinical Folders

The doctor and the patient have access to the “clinical folder” where they can upload documentation, reports, medical history, and prescriptions. The advantage for the patient is to have all their documentation at hand, while the doctor can consult the folder when needed, directly from the backend.

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