Docaway is a work in progress project aimed at creating a community of pediatricians and specialists in pediatric care with the goal of providing integrated medical services dedicated to young children.

How does it work

Each pediatrician and pediatric specialist will have their own online/app profile accessible by parents who will have a tool to choose their trusted pediatrician and receive online consultations quickly. The platform allows pediatricians to monitor children’s health and provide medical advice remotely. Additionally, through the app, it will be possible to book a visit at home.

But not only that…

Directly purchase health kits

Through the app, it will also be possible to directly purchase health kits designed and proposed by pediatricians with everything necessary for the care of the child according to their age range.


The revenue from the app
will be donated to associations

The revenue from the app will be donated to associations that provide free healthcare. The main objective of the project is to ensure access to medical care for all children and adults, regardless of their geographic location or financial resources.

Are you a healthcare professional?

If you are a healthcare professional in the pediatric field, contact us to learn more!

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